Sinhala Only 2.0

Sinhala Only 2.0

genocide can and does come in different forms! Google Maps changed the names of Tamil cities to Sinhala. #DigitalGenocide

Lets do something about it!

Sinhala Only 2.0

„Whenever you use Google Maps, road, place and now even names of famous buildings, are rendered
in Sinhala. Search for Chunnakam, close to Jaffna, and Google Maps translates the place name, in
Sinhala, to ‘Hunugama’ – wrong on so many levels. There is no Tamil place marker either. Jaffna gets
a Sinhala label as ‘Yapanaya’, but no Tamil place name…..“ (Hattotuwa S., 2018)

Tamil is an ancient and one of the oldest languages in the world. After a military genocide, the Sri Lankan government continues to erase the Tamil people, the Tamil culture and the Tamil language on the island.

And here comes Google Maps. Recently they changed the names of Tamil cities, roads or even buildings to Sinhala. Even its landing page is default in Sinhala. How is it possible that a region where the most spoken language is Tamil is labelled in Sinhala? In India for example, Google Maps cared enough to write Chennai in Tamil & English and Banglore in Kannada & English. This makes sense, but translating Yalpanam to “Yapanaya” and Chunnakam to “Hunugama” does not. Google is currently run by a American – Tamil, Sundar Pichai. And yet, this language is neglected. It seems that Google is working with a genocidal country and supporting its dragonic intention to cover up the genocide and wipe out the Tamil people behind closed doors.

We demand that Google Maps changes the Tamil cities names back to Tamil as it is standard in other countries.

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