Who is Priyanka Fernando?

Military History

●    The Commanding officer of the 11 Gemunu watch battalion: April 2008
●    Engaged in vicious capture of LTTE Alpha – I base: April 2008
●    One of the many Brigade Commanders in the “Vanni liberation operation” in Killinochi: November 2008
●    His battalion (division 59) was one of the closest reported to the hospital sites in Mullaitivu during the advance led by Fernando in their attempts to capture Mankulam and  Kumalamunai. Bombings of the hospitals were incessantly conducted from August 2008. It is openly reported on multiple national newspapers, military blogs and other media that Fernando was highly active in the Mullaitivu region during this time.

Current issue

●    Brigadier Priyanka Fernando was appointed in a diplomatic position in London as a part of Sri Lanka’s High Commission in 2017
●    In the process of guaranteeing a diplomatic position, the Sri Lankan government and the UK are entitled to conduct clearance procedures.
●    It is essential that any military officials adapting diplomatic positions should exclude “officers with any frontline combat experience in the final phase of the civil war in the north in 2008-2009”
●    04/02 Tamils conducted peaceful protests outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in London where Fernando made threatening hand gestures towards the crowd. This is a violation of his diplomatic duties and is criminal in nature. It is however, a reflection of his history and what he represents.
●    05/02 The video of his gesture becomes viral across social media gaining the attention of British media and politicians resulting in a declaration calling for his immediate expulsion by Labour MPs.
●    06/02 An immediate notice of the suspension of Fernando’s diplomatic duties is released by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the immense pressure. It is also mentioned that an inquiry will be conducted regarding his conduct.
●    07/02 Within hours, through President Sirisena’s intervention, Fernando’s duties are to be resumed again.


●    Despite his apparent involvement during the 2008 – 2009 offensives during the final stages of the war, especially in the engagement in war crimes, Fernando was cleared by the Sri Lankan and UK government to take on his diplomatic roles in London. Now, despite the uproar created as a result of his malicious actions which are clearly unjust and illegal, Fernando has been re-appointed to his diplomatic duties within mere hours of his suspension by President Sirisena. The ingrained racial hatred that exists amongst the Sinhalese community shows how blinded they are through their Mahavamsa ideology.The need to protect each other is evident in Sirisena’s attempts to cover up his friend’s dirty tracks to allow Fernando to continue his dirty work in London and for Sirisena to maintain the support of the Sinhala people in his reign.


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